West Road Electric is a collection
point for bulbs containing MERCURY.
All fluorescent tubes contain mercury
and need to be collected and recycled
properly.  If a bulb brakes wear gloves
and mask to protect yourself from
mercury exposure.  We collect all
types of tube from the small compact
(cfl's) to 96" T12 tubes.

CFL's are collected free of charge at this time and taken to The Home Depot

Tubes up to 48" are collected at a charge of $0.60 per bulb

Tubes over 48" are collected at  a charge of $0.75 per bulb

We do not want broken bulbs.  Broken bulbs have lost the mercury and damage has been done to the environment.

Other bulbs such as HID including HIGH PRESSURE SODIUM, MEATAL HALIDE, and MERCURY VAPOR  bulbs are collected and recycled by West Road Electric. 

All HID type Bulbs are collected at a charge of $1.25 per bulb

Contact us for a time to drop off or a pickup @ (608) 343-9690 or

West Road Electric has parented with Dynamic Recycling in LaCrosse to properly dispose of bulbs containing mercury.
Check out their web site by clicking link below.
West Road Electric
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Dynamic Recycling